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Accident Forgiveness Program

SWIWIN  - Accident Forgiveness Program - Motor Only

There is nothing more disheartening than crashing a plane.   No better way to wreck a day than destroying a new turbine.  Since accidents happen, we are offering an accident forgiveness program where customers can replace their turbines after a crash.    This a situation where the repair costs are estimated to exceed the cost of a new turbine.

Once the motor is returned for an evaluation, SWIWIN USA will replace the motor for a discounted amount shown below.  This program is offered to all registered users. 

SWIWIN will offer a replacement motor based on the  pricing guidelines below.    Please note that this program does not include any ancillary motor accessories, i.e. ECU, pump, GSU, etc.


                SW 60     SW 80     SW 120     SW 140​     SW 160     SW 170     SW 190     SW210

Cost         $619                        $920        $1079                         ​$1396         $1555       $1714

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