Aspire Sport Jet Red 79"

Aspire Sport Jet Red 79"

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The Aspire Sport jet is one of the most versatile sport jets for use on grass & pavement with less adjustment for density altitude. ​The airframe is constructed with full composite "Sandwich Technology" bringing the lightest aircraft ever introduced at this price point.

  • The fully painted high gloss finish on this sport jet really stands out from the crowd.
  • Designed for Turbine Power
  • A quick build ARF
  • Suitable for both grass & pavement
  • Product Info

    Available Color Schemes

    • Blue
    • Red


    • Turbine (12-16 kg / 26-35 lbs)

    An excellent choice in turbine power is the SWININ SW series.
    SWININ SW140B (14 kg - 30.8 lbs. thrust)
    SWININ SW180B (18 kg - 39.6 lbs. thrust)


    • 8 channels (plus) 
    • 9 servos (minimum)

    (2) Ailerons
    (2) Elevators
    (2) Flaps
    (1) Rudder
    (1) Nose steering

    Wingspan: 78.7 in (1,999 mm) 
    Length: 93 in (2360 mm) 
    Weight: 34-36 lbs (15-16.3kg) 


    • 95% pre-assembled
    • Full composite construction (no iron on covering)
    • Aluminum tube plug-in for wing spars
    • Live hinging with precision gap sealing
    • All surfaces pre-painted, decals applied and clear coated 
    • Detachable main wing and tail for easy transport
    • Removable hatch for easy access to engine compartment
    • Complete hardware package with fiberglass control horns
    • Functional scale flaps for smoother landings
    • Excellent low speed capabilities
    • Tail tube and fuel tank included

    * Optional heavy-duty electric retract sets available, sold separately

  • Building Reference

    Aspire Jet builders forum
    • RC Universe​
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