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Warranty & Service

SWIWIN USA - Limited Lifetime Warranty -  So-Cal Turbines and CRX TURBINES /SWIWIN USA Customers only

SWIWIN USA 1st Year Warranty - SWIWIN USA customers only - First year warranty coverage begins the day you receive your motor.  1st year warranty is stem to stern with the exception of exclusions which are covered in our manual.  Examples of non covered damage is  crash, water damage (flood), FOD, Damage, etc.

SWIWIN USA Limited Lifetime Warranty - SWIWIN covers most internal turbine parts for the life of the motor.  For a list of parts covered under the limited lifetime warranty, please refer to our manual.


SWIWIN USA 25 hour service - (SWIWIN USA Customers only) - In order to maintain lifetime coverage, please maintain 25 hour service intervals. The cost of the service is $300.00/$350.00  During this service, the motor is examined for any sign of wear.  Bearings are changed and the unit is re-balanced.  Any needed, warranted parts are replaced with the service.  For items not covered under warranty, the owner will be contacted before any work is commenced in order to discuss any estimated costs.    Please refer to our manual for more warranty and service interval details and exclusions. 



Warranty and/or extended coverage does not apply under the following circumstances:

  1. The turbine is used for commercial or institutional (school) use

  2. The turbine was submerged in water

  3. The turbine has been modified in any fashion

  4. Any attempt to repair

  5. Any dismantling of the turbine

  6. Any crash regardless of cause

  7. The turbine was not cooled properly

  8. Improper electrical connections

  9. Turbine serial number has been removed or altered.

  10. Turbine is found to have been operated with 2 cycle oil


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